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Supporting our Community

Did you know that Neil Armstrong's (yeah the man who walked on the moon) daughter passed away from DIPG over 50 years ago? And up until the last 5 years-the exact same treatment options were the only ones available.

The Cure Starts Now is the largest non-profit foundation that directly funds medical research and clinical trials for DIPG and other pediatric brain cancer. Early on in Sunnie's journey, Sunnie asked if she could be an ambassador for CSN because she wanted to help make a difference for other children like her. 

If you would like to find out more about The Cure Starts Now or to make a donation to Sunnie's ambassadorship, please click the images below. 


During Sunnie's journey- we were introduced to The Santiago Strong Foundation. Eric and Cynthia Buther lost their son Santiago to DIPG in 2020. They made it their mission to continue to help families affected by DIPG by assisting with financial support so that families could stay together during treatment. Their mission statement: 'No Family Should have to go through this alone!" They were a core part of Sunnie's support. We will continue to share and support The Santiago Strong Foundation's misson in any way we can!

If you would like to find out more about Santiago or to make a donation to The Santiago Strong Foundation, please click on their logo for more details.

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